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Better in the past

" When Mark, Liz and I wrote this song... It was easy to bring to life! We wanted it to be sassy and strong with a touch of humor. This absolutely comes from a real place."

"Its funny how as soon as you start to heal from an unhealthy relationship or breakup... they find a way to come back with rose colored glasses. That is what this song is about"

- Madeline

Songwriters: Madeline McDonald / Liz Hengber / Mark Nesler

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           "Quirky pop with a twang" is how Madeline describes her music. A young songwriter of considerable depth and substance, possessing an engaging voice that stops listeners in their tracks. McDonald’s debut singles are commanding attention, buoyed by an empowering lyric and her spirited delivery. One can’t help but realize this talented newcomer is charting her own unique course in the music industry. You can find her featured in the upcoming "Bluebird Documentary" as a rising artist, coming to theaters in 2020.


          "I want the message I leave to be a powerful revelation that we all have everything it takes to become exactly who we are meant to be”. That bold creative spirit started to blossom in McDonald’s native Houston. The talented teen immersed herself in music, penning songs and spending time learning from mentors such as her first one in Texas. A producer by the name of Dave Williams took McDonald under his wings and gifted her with time, wisdom and studio hours. Instead of sleepovers and sports, McDonald spent her time developing her artistry.

        From creative press packages to unique marketing strategies, Madeline is always crafting ways to pave her own unique path.  Her dedication stems from her love of music and visual story telling. “I am an old soul who knew from a young age that songwriting and performing was my passion and career path”.